Attendants to first C2 in Europe played Co-Society’s Co-Poker

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 25 / 10 / 2014

Co-Society was invited to participate leading a workshop in the first event held by C2 in Europe. In Zurich, attendants from different European companies could “play” with their assets and combine them with those from others participants to imagine a new business opportunity in the field of the Internet of the Things and born from collaboration.

C2MTL  (Creativity + Commerce Montreal) is an immersive three-day event that combine World-renowned speakers, interactive exhibits, collaborative workshops and a collective experience designed to appeal as much to the left half of the brain as it does to the right one. C2MTL unites the cream of the international business crop and works to stimulate creative and even visionary thinking to commercial problems. This is encouraged through an immersive environment that fosters collaboration and the emergence of innovative business solutions.

C2 Montréal was founded and Imagined by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Founding Partner Cirque du Soleil, Leadership Partner Microsoft, and Content and Media Partner Fast Company magazine. Now preparing for the 4th edition of their flagship event in Montreal after a very successful previous three editions, C2MTL launched a series of events in Europe named  C2.


C2 have been designed as one-day intensive events for 100 key influencers in select cities (Zurich, Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Milan). Attendance is by invitation only and each of the fundamental pillars of C2 MTL are also present at C2: inspiration, experimentation, connection and celebration.

Considering the coincidence between C2MTL’s philosophy and our, we were proud to be invited to participate in their first C2 recently held in Zurich. Key speaker David Rose, from MIT Media Lab, updated the audience about the present and future of the Internet of the Things, and we used our Co-Poker for the attendants to identify opportunities in this field using their companies assets combined with those of other companies in their table.

The outcome was double. First, we gave the chance to immediately act (imaginatively) in terms of new business opportunity from a new knowledge just aware of. Secondly, we helped to reach one main aim for C2MTL and C2:  to maximize interaction and foster connections.


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