Sleep tight: Vittel partners DODO to give its PET bottles a second life

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 06 / 05 / 2014

If any kind of companies collaboration make more sense, it’s the one that turns somebody’s waste into raw material for the other. This kind of partnerships are not just about reducing cost, but specially about reducing negative impact on environment in the form of less energy consumption, less CO2 emissions, less use of finite natural resources or even just less waste in nature, as the one recently exposed by a marine survey that covered the shocking extent of litter pollution in the world’s oceans.

As Vittel wants its bottles not to be a waste, this water brand is leading some initiatives for “reborn” them into something else once used as water containers. One of this initiatives is a Co- project with the French leader brand of bedding products DODO to create a new range of quilts and pillows based on the so called “circular economy”, attending to the mission “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

The Co- project makes an intermediate recycler to turn PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles into flakes and polyester fibers and these are used by Dodo for making quilts and pillows. The partnership expects to produce several thousand duvets, pillows and travel cushions, distributed under the “EAU’DODO” brand name. At the end of their life, DODO duvets and pillows can then be recycled for home insulation or automobile soundproofing, thereby extending the circular economy loop even further.

As explained by both companies sources, it takes the equivalent of 17 PET Vittel bottles (1.5-litre) to make a 60x60cm pillow, 58 such bottles to make a 220x240cm duvet, and 5.5 of them to make a travel cushion. EAU’DODO products will use only recycled materials for stuffing these items. Turning Vittel bottles into polyester fibers means a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions and energy needs.

The Vittel bottle’s second life

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