Are you ready for riding the twist?

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 02 / 05 / 2014

Our annual event will be held in Barcelona next June 5th and 6th. We invite you to discover how to turn the unstoppable disruption in business around us into value for you.

Whatever your sector, radical proposals are appearing somewhere in the world that will change the rules of the game, the mere way in how we do business, globally. In the co-fest 2014 we will have the opportunity to work with other professionals that also are eager to understand what is happening, and how they can benefit from these radical transformations…

So the deal is, therefore, how to “tame the tornado” (Ride the Twist).

Participants are innovation professionals, responsible for innovation departments of their companies or intrapreneurs, transformative people. Most come from companies belonging to the co-society project (www-co- in different countries.

The agenda is based on active workshops in which groups of professionals from different industries will discuss concrete actions designed to meet emerging disruptions. Workshops are designed as base camps, where participants identify the main challenges in the short and medium term in areas as diverse as health, manufacturing, energy, education, science, mobility, housing, banking, robotics, cities, brands, etc.

A selection of experts brings its contrast to the distillation of the possible actions that participants will have previously derived. They will do so through very brief interventions where they will propose three disruptive and relevant ideas to be considered in the next 5 years.

Young talented propose challenges to transform business. A group of high-growth potencial professionals, from the co-society companies, challenges the participating companies to undertake changes that could allow them to better respond to business disruptions. In this way, participants must define a transformation agenda to re-invent the role of innovation in their organizations.

The mix of skills among the participants is the standing rule. All actions are based on collaborative work, through the combination of knowledge and experience of the participants. The co-fest 2014 is an act of collaborative innovation, based on doing, not on merely listening.

The knowledge generated during the Co-fest 2014 will be captured and systematically synthesized and distributed to participants as visual idea maps after the event. Hence, the relevant decisions that have been identified during the event could be put into practice in the participating companies.

Check the agenda map to know how we are going to run the event


The Co-society project is a collaborative innovation platform, founded in 2009. The participating companies, coming from different sectors, have the common will to explore potential joint projects, resulting from the combination of the different capabilities of their firms.

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