Co-society® activities are developed by an ecosystem of professionals that have specific functions across its value chain.

The wide range of activities that Co-society® holds through its network is possible thanks to the combination of abilities of many different players. We refer to this wide network as our co-ecosystem.

Among them, it should be noted that:


FOUNDERS: the team of innovation professionals who created the concept, articulate and refine the vision, and design the workshops and tools of the platform. Designed as global Co-society®, the team is in charge of the coordination of the network of partners. 

PARTNERS: the teams that develop each local node, contribute to the value of the brand, implement the co-sessions with excellence, and occasionally participate in the design and adjustment of new co-innovation tools. Partners cooperate to improve their results and propose better improvements in global Co-society® models. 

ADVISORY BOARD: a group of experts in innovation that contribute knowledge , propose challenges, and suggest tools to make sure that Co-society® is always in a leading global position in co-innovation. They are decided by founders and partners.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: businessmen and executives with remarkable experience, who promote the spread of the project to the best businesses in the world, with their personal knowledge of the circumstances of business and its managers and their unique knowledge of the real innovation needs in the marketplace. They are suggested by founders and partners.

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