Co-society® is a global platform for innovation among businesses to facilitate the exchange of innovation knowledge and experiences among companies in different industries.

At Co-society®, teams from smart and driven businesses collaborate to learn from other teams’ experiences and share their own best innovation practices.  Under normal circumstances, this kind of opportunity is difficult to create. Co-society® takes this challenge head on by making the exploration and development of new ideas  among teams in different sectors one of its main goals. Organizations of any size can belong to Co-society®, but each should have one thing in common: a profile of innovative leadership within its sector.  At our  workshops, held several times through the year, each company speaks openly and transparently about the innovation practices and current challenges it is involved in.

The participating teams in the platform are refered to as Co-society® Fellows.

Co-society® was started in 2009 by Infonomia, a professional innovation services business based in Barcelona since 2000, which has directed over 100 innovation projects in different economic sectors.

Looking back on fifteen years of designing active innovation strategies, Infonomia realized that the next wave of innovation will come from the intersection of businesses.

We believe that the new horizons of innovation (blue oceans) may be created when teams from different sectors combine their capabilities and assets.

Watch this video for an inspiring summary of the emergence of co-:


More and more examples of collaboration between different social and economic agents are appearing in multiple sectors from all over the world.

In cities, people are establishing new exchange mechanisms for goods, resources and even time in order to satisfy their needs in ways other than traditional consumption.

In science, collaboration among teams all over the world is essential for the development of knowledge.

In the marketplace, businesses of different sectors collectively carry out projects when their capabilities intersect and especially when intangible assets are shared.

Our team at Infonomia has documented this economic and social transformation from the current domain of competitive advantage to the emergency of collaborative advantage. This information is available for free in our books and handed out to professionals all over the world at our seminars and workshops.

On our blog about examples of collaboration, you can see the relevance of this phenomenon through real examples.

To encourage the creation of collaborative projects among participating businesses, Co-society® creates the conditions under which these intersections may happen:


We keep participants up to date on the latest in innovation news from around the world.


We hold in-person workshops 3 times a year, to facilitate the sharing of better innovation practices.


We're creating an international innovation network. The activities of co-society are carried out in different cities around the world where a partner coordinates contact between fellows.


Once a year, we hold an international gathering for all the fellows to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

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