Mini-Escola de Inovação

BY INFONOMIA on 22 / 05 / 2019

A Mini-Escola de Inovação integra o programa ECO Mateus, iniciativa da Fundação da Casa de Mateus e da UTAD que procura incentivar uma abordagem transdisciplinar na leitura e compreensão da pluralidade de oportunidades e debilidades enfrentadas pela Região, exercer um raciocínio sobre a formação de valor a partir dos seus recursos endógenos, familiarizar os agentes da Região com […]

TusStar Barcelona visited the Institute of Next


TusStar Barcelona visited the Institute of Next, who will take a six-week trip to China to learn about their innovation ecosystem and study the first outputs from “Made in China 2025”. This strategic plan focuses on manufacturing innovation, improving the quality and performance of technology, integrating next-generation intelligence in manufacturing, and meeting the demands of […]

Accelerated Innovation in China. Co-Session #34 (III)


Han Wei, general manager of TusStar Incubator, said that Barcelona is a hot spot to build bridges between Spain and China. TusStar will launch an investment hub in Barcelona.

Accelerated Innovation in China. Co-Session #34 (II)


TusStar Barcelona and the Institute of Next signed an agreement during the session. TusStar Barcelona will be TusStar’s high-tech flagship base in Spain. TusStar provides professional incubation services for star-ups in many fields, such as artificial intelligence, internet+; technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); advanced materials; biological medicine; advanced manufacturing; education and training, and modern services. […]

Accelerated Innovation in China. Co-Session #34


The Institute of Next is studying “Made in China 2025”, China’s strategic plan to accelerate its industry. For this reason, we invited TusStar Incubator from Tsinghua University in Beijing and delegates from Shenzhen’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition to discuss Barcelona’s ecosystem and the guidelines for their activities in the city. Casa Asia Barcelona held […]

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