Because soon “collaborative advantage” will win over “competitive advantage”

BY alpha on 15 / 01 / 2014

It is clear that the result of the sum of the knowledge assets of several companies is greater than the addends. It is obvious that today we have tools (technologies) to facilitate collaboration between companies as we never had before in history. But it is also true that we do not really know how to develop such collaboration, despite the availability of tools.

To talk of “collaborative evolution” in the business world seems to contradict the very basic idea of ​​”competitive evolution” that seem inherent to capitalism. But in a business environment in which progress depends on the density of talent and knowledge, that can’t be easily condensed into a single organization. We must learn to collaborate between companies if we are to survive. The future is necessarily, therefore, one of collaboration, co-ordination, and co-creation.

The future is co-. And we’ll try to show it in here with any new post.

Alfons Cornella. The future is Co-

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