Co-Society on Co-innovation at the Spanish edition of Harvard Business Review

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 16 / 05 / 2014

An extensive article about Co-Society and our vision on Collaborative Innovation is part of main and cover topic on the latest issue of Harvard Deusto, the Spanish edition of the prestigious Harvard Business Review magazine. We have translated and edit an English version of the article that you can download as a PDF file.

Learn about the advantage of collaborative innovation and why we think it might help generate the employment that the economy will need to create over the next few decades.

And also….

  • Why collaboration is becoming the smartest way to compete…
  • Why the future is combinatorial..
  • Different targets and missions for collaborative innovation…
  • Some requirements for co-innovation to succeed…
  • Co-Society main objective and how we try to generate systematic business intersections.
  • Tools used.
  • Lesson learned after four years of experience..

Co-Innovation: The advantage of Collaborative Innovation, by Alfons Cornella founder of Infonomia and Co-Society


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