Collaboration has its International Day

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 23 / 01 / 2014

From present 2014, collaboration has its International Day. From now on, it’s going to be every 16th January. True, nowdays there’s almost no cause or movement without its day. But still, celebration of an international day with plenty of networking events, talks and workshops all around the world and focused in the future of collaboration is a very good signal about what we in Co-Society believe and the ideas we want to spread among organizations.

So it’s not a surprise we agree on many of the principles you can learn about in the website about this Collaboration International Day:

– The world of business is changing: innovation and entrepreneurship are creating value in unexpected places, and they are maximising on that value in ever more unusual ways.

– The principles of serendipity (unexpected encounters creating value) and collaboration (working together on common goals) are changing the way that modern businesses operate.

–  The objective of collaboration is value creation to generate and test innovative ideas with an intersection of different cultures, industries and disciplines

Still, organizers of this Collaboration International Day are mainly focused on collaboration in workspaces and among freelancers.

But, beside all “ideological” coincidences, we in Co-Society believe that serendipity can be systematically “helped” in order to maximize its outputs, and benefits of collaboration can be achieved by organizations of any size, including SME’s and, of course, big corporations.

Follow us to know how….

International Collaboration Day

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