Companies adding value by becoming one and single “interface” for the costumer

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 31 / 01 / 2014

Perhaps, one of the most obvious areas for Co-innovation is where two or more organizations become one for the costumer, when they add new and welcoming value for their clients by becoming one and single “interface” for them. 

Traveling is no doubt one of these areas. For a costumer that mainly wants to go from point A to point B with as less “friction” as possible, the less players involved, the better.

Or, at least, the less awareness of this diversity, the better. This idea is what probably ignited collaboration between IBERIA and bus company ALSA when decided to collaborate to implement “Bus&Fly”, a service allowing travelers in several Spanish provinces to combine flights and coach travel to/from the airport on a single ticket.

Bus&Fly is considered Europe’s most advanced intermodal service of its kind, since it can be booked through the global reservations systems used by travel agencies around the world. Besides a tech development that required an investment of € 100.000 in excess, managers of the project cited as one of the key factor of success building the proper project team involving different companies and different areas.

Bus&Fly was awarded with the BUS EXCELLENCE AWARD 2013 By the International Road Transport Union

ALSA/IBERIA Bus & Fly project presentation

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