Ford teams with Coca-Cola to make its cars more sustainable

BY alpha on 21 / 01 / 2014

A Co- management approach makes possible types of collaborations completely unforeseen just few years ago. In this case a car manufacturer teams up with a soft drink brand and, if not unexpected enough, check out the reason….. to make more sustainable cars.


Researchers at Ford and Coca-Cola produced a fabric made using Coke’s PlantBottle Technology (first-ever recyclable plastic bottle made from plants). The result is a car that has seat cushions, backs, headrests, door panel inserts and headliners made from 30 percent plant-based material.


That’s what John Viera, global director of sustainability at Ford Motor Company writes about this collaboration experience:


“I have learned two things: 1: We have to do more; and 2: We can’t be sustainable by ourselves.


If we are going to truly make a difference, we need the power of numbers. We need to reach beyond the four walls of Ford and find like-minded people in like-minded organizations to work with us. Ford sells products in more than 120 countries on six continents. Coca-Cola products can be found even more places. Suddenly, combining the scale of global companies like Coca-Cola and Ford starts to make a real difference. That’s the true power of collaboration.”

  The Power of Collaboration Can Drive Sustainable Innovation Forward

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