Nutricosmetics: an emerging market calling to better co-brand at the labs

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 07 / 11 / 2014

Co-branding reaches a new higher level when the typical arrangement is not just about logos, color schemes or brand identifiers but about some other assets located at the back office of companies. For instance, know how from R&D activities. This is the case of Innéov, a brand of nutritional beauty supplements born from the dual expertise of Nestlé Nutrition and L’Oreal.

Initially thought of as a marketing ploy, the demand of nutricosmetics increased steadily with a better understanding and positive clinical data. The market for these products has surged in the past decade and, precisely to align strategy with the demands and barriers of this new market , both companies decided co-innovate avoiding traditional co-branding concept just based in logos.

Instead, L’Oreal and Nestlé decided take it to the labs and clinical data. Innéov is the result of an alliance between these two big companies both interested in promoting this new market through a scientific approach. Nutricosmetics  are offered using as a selling point the idea that nutrition has a major impact on how we look. If so, what a more meaningful co-innovation that one using the dual expertise in nutrition and skin and hair biology?  

Innéov laboratories  rely for their product development on the expertise of, on one hand, L’Oréal Research to determine the biological effects of the active ingredients and, on the other hand, Nestlé Research for the implementation of processes that optimize the assimilation of these active ingredients, conducting studies to measure the bioavailability and safety control of these substances.

The results of these last years working together at the lab are, besides new products, 18 new registered patents and more than 50 clinical trials on tolerance and efficiency done under the supervision of both dermatologist and nutritionists.

And also Innéov nutritional beauty supplements ranked no. 1 in European pharmacies.

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