Renfe and Correos want you to travel without luggage

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 16 / 07 / 2014

Complementary services will be for sure one of the most promising source of meaningful and successful collaboration between companies. You just have to think on the significant amount of contexts in which customers have to contract different providers at the same time and for the same reason or “mission”. In these occasions to be able to contract all the different and related services/products in the same package at once offers for sure a competitive advantage for all players involved.

Contracting flights and accommodation is one of the most obvious such a contexts, but there are plenty of others nobody is taking care yet. As it was until recently the possibility of travelling by train without the burden of luggage.

Spanish public companies Renfe (National Railways) and Correos (National Mail Service) will jointly operate a new door to door pick & deliver luggage service for AVE (High Speed trains) passengers. The new service is starting to be offered this summer and has two main missions: not just provide travelers with the possibility of not having to carry their luggage, but also alleviate the problem of room saturation  on trains.

The initiative, undertaken by Renfe, is one of different measures the company is implementing lately in order to attract new passengers on the train.

The new service, available to over 230 domestic destinations, allows transport of up to three bags per ticket and is priced from 20 euros per suitcase, which includes a 20% discount for a second and third item. Besides bags, the new service includes transport of other goods such as bicycles, skis, pushchairs or golf clubs, as long as it doesn’t exceeds a certain size and dimensions and a maximum weight of 25 kilos.

This new service can  be contracted and modified on line through the Renfe website until to 12.00 on working day prior to the date of collection of luggage. Collection and delivery of baggage can be arranged to/from any address specified or in any of the 2,400 Correo post offices in Spain.


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