Wearables will need a marriage between technology and fashion thinking to succeed

BY alpha on 19 / 01 / 2014

Wearables have been announced as the next big thing in consumer tech. For some analysts, 2014 feels like the mobile era in 2003: an entirely new huge global potential market waiting for companies and entrepreneurs innovations. But some first consumer reactions to highly expected products as Google Glass or Samsung Galaxy Gear show maybe is not going to be an easy task. Why? Because, as some experts argue, capturing people’s imagination in a way that makes them want to put tech stuff on their body is a skill set that not many people have, much less technology companies.

So new wearables do not just need to be just right on function, stability or security, they need to be, best of all, cool. That is what probably Chris Walker thought when decided to team up with House of Horology to craft a new smartwatch he had in mind. Chris is founder of Secret Labs, a small company that builds hardware, software, and services in the smart home and building control industries. House of Horology is a NYC watchmaker whose watches are popular on both runways and wrists.  New York Magazine just named them “Best Men’s Watches of 2013.”

The result: Agent, already considered by some as the World’s Most Advanced Smartwatch and a product that before even existing got one million dollars in a Kickstarter campaign.

So far, this kind of marriage between technology and fashion thinking remains very rare. Another field for Co- to be considered.

Agent Watches

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