This year IMPULSA Forum advise to young entrepreneurs: “Be collaborative”

BY Fernando L. Mompó on 02 / 07 / 2014

‘Open and collaborative’ was the slogan for fifth edition of IMPULSA Forum. The event, which took place on 26th and 27th June aimed to turn this edition into an amplifier for successful projects and initiatives based on collaboration.  

IMPULSA Forum is the main annual event of Prince of Girona Foundation, an organization which main objective is to work for young people in order to strengthen the capacity of the new generations to build a better society. The Foundation, which focuses its activity on the areas of entrepreneurship, employability, academic success, and vocations, seeks to become a global platform and a reference for the promotion of progress and talent through projects in which young people play a leading role.

IMPULSA Forum has evolved to consolidate as a platform where restless young people can meet, connect and activate their talents for social transformation. After concentrating on exploring the potential of collaboration in the last two editions, in this year’s Forum were presented the results of initiatives based on pooling resources and widespread capacities to generate value for everybody involved.

Just as we have been doing in Co-Society with our fellow organizations for the last four years, the experts assembled this year by the Prince of Girona Foundation encouraged youth to solve nowdays economic, technological and social challenges in a collaborative way.

  • The creator of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, pointed out that there is no recipe for success and concluded that collaboration is key to the future.
  • According to the director of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), José Manuel Leceta, “entrepreneurship and innovation is a contact sport”.
  • The founder of the digital information platform Shareable, Neal Gorenflo, advocated that  “a more interconnected and cross society, rather than a pyramidal industrial society, is the way to achieve the systemic change  needed today“

Prince of Girona Foundation

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