A relevant value of the co-society platform is the experience of attending co-innovation workshops. We held them on a regular basis throughout the year.

June 5th and 6th 2014

#18 co-fest 2014: Ride the twist

Ride the storm to make disruption work for you by multiplying your abilities and collaborating with smart minds to predict the next five years.

February 28th 2014

#17 co-session:: Photonics: The Power of Light

Meet members of SECPhO Cluster in Photonics, listen to their successful innovations
and chat with them about how your organisation could use these.

November 15th 2013

#16 co-session: Co-creation made real

Co-design the Summer School on innovation and shape it for developing the new and future talent in your organisation.

November 15th 2013

#15 co-session: Mondragon Innovation Way

Meet companies at Mondragon Corporation to discover connections and common interests in the fields of food, health, energy, new manufacture and cross services.

September 2013

co-flash: PERU

Workshops on co-innovation held in Lima.

September 26th 2013

#14 co-fest 2013: Ideas meet markets

Get together with startups of all kinds to establish a new kind of relationship, based not on capital but on the needs of your organisation that they can help you with.

April 2013

co-flash: NORWAY

The launching event of co-society in Norway. With the participation of several innovative norwegian companies. Organized by our partner Induct.

March 2013

co-flash: CHILE

Workshops on co-innovation held in Santiago and Valparaiso.

March 15th 2013

#13 co-session: Innovation on Innovation Models

Learn about the Verne innovation model and how different companies and tools combine to execute its four phases efficiently.

January 15th 2013

#12 co-session: Business Distances

Work with Danish and Spanish companies to identify potential collaboration by using new Co-Society tools Co-Match and Co-Distances.

September 2012

co-flash: AMSTERDAM

The presentation of co-society in The Netherlands. With the participation of several innovative European companies. Organized within the Picnic Network event with our Danish partner InnovationLab.

July 18th to 21st 2012

#11 co-fest 2012: Benasque Brain Boost

If you’re a startup, learn to define and communicate your best assets. If you’re a Co-Society member, learn how these assets can help to overcome the challenges you face.

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