A relevant value of the co-society platform is the experience of attending co-innovation workshops. We held them on a regular basis throughout the year.

co-flash-argentina May 2015, Cordoba (Argentina)

#22 CO-SESSION: Co-innovar es la solución

A workshop on co-innovation held in Cordoba, Argentina.

co-session20 February 2015, Mexico DF

#20 CO-SESSION: Co-innovar es la solución

Connecting smart teams in different industries to generate new business.

#19-mida-thumbnail_2on November 7th, 2014 – DHUB Barcelona

#19 CO-SESSION 2014: Evidence-based business

Connecting big data analysis with business creativity processes.

milan-thumbnail November 2014

co-flash: MILAN

A workshop on co-innovation held in Milan.

wZURICHdest October 2014

co-flash: ZURICH

A workshop on co-innovation held in Zurich. With the participation of several innovative European companies, that combined their assets looking for potential common projects. Organized by our Canadian partner C2MTL.

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